Volume 1

Considered one of the founding fathers of Arte Povera, over the last 40 years Jannis Kounellis has developed his own aesthetic path around the concepts of place and weight, of verticality and memory as meaning and measure of a humanism removed from myth.
In conversazioni d’arte, the story of his work unravels, through counterpoint, assonances and vibrations, punctuated by Kounellis’ very own aphorisms, around the installation of his touching work created in the big national library in Sarajevo in June 2004, where Serbs burnt more than 2 million books in a tragic blaze during the ethnic war in Bosnia in 1992.
The film dedicated to the contemporary artist Jannis Kounellis won the “Ricciolo d’Oro” award at the ArtDocFest in Rome, and the Audience Prize at the Bos’Art Fest in Sardinia, participating also in the 25° FIFA Art Festival in Montreal, Artecinema in Napoli, Festival dei Popoli in Firenze.