Company Profile

Tailsfilm Productions was founded in 2004 by director Alessandra Populin with a start-up grant from a provincial Womens' Enterprise fund. The company has built on Populin’s experience and contacts, producing documentaries and factual programmes on a wide range of subjects, with a special interest in art, culture and social change. In 2005 the company produced Conversations on Art, a landmark 10-part series on contemporary artists. The series was acquired by Italy’s leading modern art museums and broadcast on the thematic channels Cult Network and RAISAT. It travelled to many festivals including the 25° FIFA Festival in Montreal, the Festival dei Popoli in Florence and Artecinema in Naples, winning the Ricciolo d’Oro at the ArtDocFest in Rome and the Audience Prize at the Bos’Art Fest in Sardinia for the episode dedicated to Jannis Kounellis. In 2006/7 Tailsfilm produced Piccoli Popoli, a documentary on a small rural community in central Italy, and a 3-part series on adolescents in frontier-lands for Italian public television, Rai Tre. In 2008 it produced Waning Moon, about Sardinian medicine men, and Mine People, on Sardinian miners. In 2010 with the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Dutch national network BOS it produced Winter Flower, on martial arts as an expression of Chinese culture through the eyes of a woman Wushu champion. In 2010 Tailsfilm joined forces with Vania Del Borgo, a writer and producer with many years’ experience on international co-productions to develop Reinventing Fire, in association with EIE Film, among other projects.

Tailsfilm is a member of the Italian documentary filmmakers' association Doc/it and of the European Documentary Network.