Alessandra Populin is an independent filmmaker based in Rome, Italy. In the early 80s she moved to Ottawa, Canada, to join the Groupe de La Place Royale as a contemporary dancer. She later earned a B.A. in Film Studies from Concordia University in Montreal, directing and producing two short films shot in 16mm, Assorted Flavours and The Incredibile Trip of Arthur (featured in the Montreal Film Festival, Turin Film Festival and Rome’s Fantafestival). After returning to Italy in 1990 she directed Millennium Bang and Dependence Day, shot in 35mm, (winner of the Quality Prize Mibac and distributed in movie theatres), among other films. In 2001 she directed the feature  film Operazione Rosmarino (distributed by 01/Raicinema). In the following years she made a number of creative documentaries in association with RAI and Mediaset, for instance Home Movie on John Waters, Vivere Fuori and Leptis Magna, the City and the Desert, sold in 7 countries . In 2004 she founded Tailsfilm Production and produced and directed Conversations on Art a ten-part series of monographic documentaries. The series was acquired by Italy’s leading modern art museums and broadcast on the thematic channels Cult Network and RAISAT. It travelled to many festivals including the 25° FIFA Festival in Montreal, the Festival dei Popoli in Florence and Artecinema in Naples, winning the Ricciolo d’Oro at the ArtDocFest in Rome and the Audience Prize at the Bos’Art Fest in Sardinia for the episode dedicated to Jannis Kounellis. In 2008 she produced and directed Waning Moon about Sardinian medicine men and Mine People on Sardinian miners. In 2010, in association with Mibac and the Dutch national network BOS, she directed and produced Winter Flower: A Woman Warrior, a 55’ documentary on martial arts as an expression of Chinese culture through the eyes and memories of a woman Wushu champion. Through her company she is presently developing the feature docs Sinfonia per Mestieri and Reinventing fire, among other projects.





Vania Del Borgo is a Rome-based writer and producer with many years’ experience in the UK where she worked as an independent producer and director until 1999 mainly for Channel 4. Among her UK credits are Dead West: The War on the American Desert (1994), The Hanged Man: Nigeria’s Shame (1995), An Open Letter to India (1996), Letters from America (1997) and Love Me Tender (1999). In Italy she has worked as a producer/director for RAI’s thematic satellite channel RAI SAT ART and for the current affairs documentary series C’era una volta broadcast by RAI TRE. In 2002 she joined the independent production company Doclab, where she was responsible for coordinating project development and co-productions and where she co-wrote and produced the award-winning feature-length documentary Excellent Cadavers (2005), about the murder of the anti-mafia magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, directed by Marco Turco, as well as a number of one-off history documentaries, such as On Assignment for Mussolini (2006), The Rosselli Files (2007) and Michelangelo Revealed (2009). In 2009 after developing and co-writing Nato’s Secret Armies, a documentary about Europe’s post-war “stay-behind” networks, directed by Andreas Pichler and produced by the Milan-based independent MIR Cinematografica, she worked as executive producer with Cristiano Barbarossa on his A Slum Symphony (2010), following five children through Venezuela’s national orchestra system, produced by Verve Media Company in association with RAI (distributed by First Hand Films). She was executive producer for Italy Love it or Leave it (2011), Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi’s documentary road movie, in association with NDR/Arte, RAI, WDR, YLE, among others, and is currently developing projects as writer/co-author/producer with Tailsfilm.