Volume 10

For Grazia Toderi the everyday, with its personal stories and the fantastic deposited in the collective imaginary, are the constant parameters of her artistic inquiries. They range from the intimate aspect of personal memory, through the fairy-tale-like filter of childhood memories, to explicit references to the collective history. Video is for Toderi a tool well-suited to the idea of an image always balancing between the obvious and the unpredictable, the expression of a poetic declaration that at the same time is also an indication of method. But  she also uses it in a paradoxical way, by removing movement from the images and, therefore, explicitly referring to the fixity of the still image. By alternating movement and distance, to fixity and presence, the Paduan artist creates the changeable scenes of a gaze that becomes vision, by capturing the elliptic shape of a stadium that is then transformed into a sidereal ring.