Volume 2


After having been associated with the Arte Povera movement for a few years, Giulio Paolini is today considered a master of Italian conceptual art. Throughout his artistic career, Paolini has constantly investigated representation, the art of seeing. 
From his ‘Disegno geometrico’ (Geometric drawing) of 1960, to the works of later years, the artist has examined the relationship between the works, the exhibition space and the spectator, like an infinite play of questioning, of double binds, and of quotations. Truth is not of the author but of the work: the Turinese artist wants to assert the primacy of an endless beginning where the author's and the spectator's destiny are tied up until one merges with the other.
The film retraces the different phases of Paolini’s work with an extremely rich repertoire of images and accounts by friends and scholars who have followed him since the beginning.